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COVID-19 Update: Telehealth

I am currently meeting with clients for telehealth appointments only. 



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It is possible to feel more at home in your life, more at ease in your body, and more fulfilled in your relationships. We all have the ability to heal with the right support. Even the most difficult experience can be a guide into a deeper, more meaningful experience of being alive.

My name is Catherine Hylen. I am a licensed counselor in Bellingham, Washington. I work exclusively with women and gender diverse clients, ages 18 & older. I specialize in working with women during pregnancy and post partum.

I create a safe and supportive environment by honoring the individuality of each person I work with, bringing sincere interest and a compassionate presence. I have a deep capacity to witness and hold others in their process. I use a holistic approach, which addresses health emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


I believe in your wholeness.

My approach involves empowering you to look within yourself, to discover your own natural tendencies towards health, and to help you connect with your own inner resources. These resources, when accessed, can serve as a guide for a lifetime.


Therapy can be helpful for anyone during pregnancy or after birth. Regardless of your circumstances, this is a profound time of transition, and it can often be challenging to know where to turn to for support. 

I can help you:

  • Feel understood and held in your process

  • Connect with support in ways that involve less work, rather than having you do more

  • Learn new strategies/tools to navigate the challenges you are facing

  • Establish and strengthen your support system

  • Develop effective self care & compassion

  • Connect with resources in our community

  • Communicate and work with care providers

I have been working as a counselor since 2011 serving adults, children, and families in both community mental health and state agency settings. I began building my specialty in Perinatal Mental Health in 2016, after the birth of my first daughter.

I am a member of Perinatal Support Washington. I participate in on-going continuing education and consultation to further my expertise in this area.

I am passionate about supporting mothers at all stages. I look forward to learning more about your unique story, your current struggles, and discovering together what is needed for you to feel supported where ever you find yourself in this process.

For more information see:

Pregnancy & Postpartum

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P&P Specialization

Pregnancy & Postpartum 


Continuing Education Completed in Perinatal Mental Health- last updated August 2020

Postpartum Support International and 2020 Mom Maternal Mental Health Certificate Training; November 2016

When the Unexpected Happens: Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Birth; Perinatal Support of Washington; May 2018

Best Practices in Prevention, Identification & Treatment of PMADs, St. Joseph Medical Center Bellingham, WA October 2018

Advanced Topics in Prevention, Identification and Treatment of PMADs St. Joseph Medical Center Bellingham, WA October 2019

GPS Group Peer Facilitator Training; Perinatal Support of Washington; October 2019

10 month Perinatal Consultation Group with Michelle Anderson, LMHC Bellingham, WA Completed December 2019

Pregnancy Loss for Psychotherapists: Tools, Clinical Skills and Diagnostic Controversies August 2020

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